Be Active

We are a group of Kentuckians that:

Stay active, go outdoors, start new adventures, promote active living with others and respect the natural resources Kentucky offers.

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A few of the quoteable moments from the podcast.

John my bike has a seat in the fron and a seat in the back for my kids ... they borrowed a bike for me and I did the first triathlon at Spindletop in 1982, I was 42 years old.

Susan Bradly-Cox

Triathlete | Episode 1

It was the utmost beautiful thing of all time... I remember very vividly standing in the K Lot at Commonwealth Stadium and the first word that came to mind was freedom ...

Josh Nadzam

Runner | Episode 2

It has been a six year process to get to that point where I can consistently and chronically put in high training loads. But with that comes a tremendous amount of fatigue everyday. ... But it is also something that, most days, I love doing. ... Iam able to do what I love.

Kevin Ryan

Triathlete | Episode 7