Heather Warman talks about bringing stand up paddle boarding experiences to Kentucky

Season 1, Episode 3

SUP | Heather Warman

Starting a new adventure is part of the enjoyment for living an active lifestyle. When you get to experience something for the first time, it can make you feel like a kid again. That is one of the wonderful things about the sport of stand up paddling (SUP) for many Kentuckians, as it's a new and growing sport locally. Heather shares a lot of knowledge about stand up paddling and how she and her partner Aaron are working to provide people new experiences. 

Their goal is to introduce SUP to more people in our state, but also bring awareness to the abundant natural resources we have here in Kentucky.  Those two goals are so closely aligned with Active Lexington, I couldn't wait to share her stories.


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Show Notes: 

  • Heather and partner Aaron started SUP Kentucky in March
  • Heather getting started kayaking with the Bluegrass Wild Water Association by going to the beginner clinic to get started
  • Started SUP in 2010 as a way to be on the water when whitewater kayaking wasn’t possible
  • Kentucky only has 1 dam released river, Russell Folk in Elkhart City
  • Northwest River Supply
  • How to SUP on the Elkhorn River, the Upper and Lower sections. 
  • How Heather got the bug to start kayaking and SUP.
  • Gary’s reaction to seeing stand up paddle boards on cars in Lexington
  • The beginning of stand up paddling and how it started to grow in popularity, which is just now started to become more popular in Kentucky. 
  • Kentucky is only second to Alaska for amount of water in the state. 
  • What the SUP Kentucky three step process includes, to participate in stand up paddling.  Introduction, Experiences and Fitness.
  • Two goals of SUP Kentucky: 1. get people on the water, stand up paddling.  2. To get people out in Kentucky to experience the beautiful natural resources we have in our state
  • How knowing the dynamics and movement of water is a valuable skill to know and learn when becoming a stand up paddling. 
  • Some of the physical challenges associated with stand up paddling
  • What the experience of falling off the paddle board is like in normal water and in rapid  moving water
  • Understanding the five classes of water
  • Discussion on a few of the different locations to go stand up paddle in Kentucky
  • What equipment do you need to participate in stand up paddling?
  • How to evaluate different types of stand up paddle boards.
  • What are the costs associated with buying a stand up paddle board and the paddles?
  • What is being done, in addition to SUP Kentucky, to bring SUP to Kentucky?
  • What will the fitness experiences be like with SUP Kentucky?
  • Training gear you couldn’t live without:  Bosu Ball
  • Best experience SUP in last 6 months: Cumberland Falls
  • Who models active living? Aaron (her partner)
  • What wish would you want to improve activity in KY? Some political change to help promote adventure tourism, for economic benefit in our state. 


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