Josh Nadzam discusses how running helped provide an opportunity for a new life.

Season 1, Episode 2

Runner: Josh Nadzam

There are those people you meet in life, that seem to be too nice to be real. That was the first impression I had when I met Josh. He is a talented runner, but it was all the community and social advocacy he was involved with that left the lasting impression. On a group run from John's Run/Walk Shop, most of us would be discussing run workouts or races, while Josh would be thinking about raising money for a charity in need. 

In this episode, we start with his story related to growing up in an unstable environment and how it impacted him.  How running provided a way for him to start a new life at the University of Kentucky.  We also talk about Josh's motivation to serve others and what role running has in those efforts.


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Show Notes: 

  • How Josh started running track & field in a little bit of a round about way.
  • What it was like to run a state cross country meet, the morning after playing in a playoff football game (playing both offense and defense)
  • How Josh's high school basketball coach and his uncle Brad stepped forward to be a male role model in Josh's life.
  • How sports provided stability in an unstable environment.
  • Pat Tyson at University of Kentucky, was the coach that responded to Josh’s inquiry and gave him a shot at UK
  • What it was like growing up in a rough neighborhood, without a lot of support from family. Then getting mentorship from his high school basketball coach. 
  • How important it was for this coach to ask Josh, “Why?” The life changing impact this coach and one uncle had, which allowed him to grow as a person.
  • What is it like to be forced to become an adult, when just in the 5th grade.
  • Getting the opportunity to come to Lexington, Kentucky and have the opportunity to start a new life, including joining the Track and Field Team.
  • Coach Weber at University of Kentucky, giving attention to Josh, when he probably did not have to because Josh was struggling to hang in many practices.
  • How he used his background as motivation to positively impact his experience in Track and Field. 
  • What keeps Josh running, now that he’s well beyond his collegiate running days.
  • Running is a large part of Josh’s identity, but it also allows him to raise awareness  and bring attention to causes he cares about.
  • Josh describes the non profit, On The Move Art Studio, which he is one of the co-founders
  • The Lexington running community has come forward to volunteer and donate money to On The Move Art Studio.
  • Run the Bluegrass Half Marathon and Horse Capital Marathon are a couple examples of events that have provided ways for On The Move Art Studio to raise money.
  • What the renovation project was like, to renovate the On The Move Art Studio vintage trailer.
  • How stressful raising money on Kickstarter can be, especially when it does not look like you will make your goal.
  • Partnering with Crank N Book Ice Cream and Nourish your Neighborhood to provide a unique event for kids.
  • How Josh used running to raise awareness of a dating violence bill and raise money for Greenhouse 17.
  • Coach Weber’s advice, “It’s just a foot race” 
  • Piece of equipment Josh couldn’t live without:  running shoes
  • In last six months, where is the most inspirational place you have run:  Boston Marathon
  • Where in Lexington do you run if you can find a place: Legacy Trail, Arboretum, Jacobson Park
  • Who is someone that models ‘Active Living’ that inspires you: Jonathan Feddock 
  • What would be your single wish, to improve running in Lexington: keep growing the awareness that running is accessible, possible and has low barriers to entry.
  • What could someone do today, to get started running? Just take the first step.

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