Kevin Ryan talks about pursuing a life of a pro triathlete in Kentucky

Season 1, Episode 7


What does it mean to pursue a life as a professional triathlete? More importantly, what does that look like for someone who calls Lexington, Kentucky home? In this episode I talk to Kevin Ryan about the journey he is currently on to answer these questions. We talk about his initiation into the sport, including his decision to leave Kentucky for San Diego, California (a paradise of triathlon training). While a wonderful place, Kevin returned home to Lexington to continue his journey. We spend time talking about the benefits of living in Lexington, as it relates to participating in triathlon and being an active person.


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Show Notes:

  • - Introduction 
  • - How Kevin got introduced to triathlon by John Brucato  
  • - Kevin’s background in swimming and how he got started with swim team 
  • - proving to himself that he was a good athlete by making it as a college swimmer, as a walk on at University of Kentucky 
  • - Getting the details about trying to live as a professional triathlete 
  • - Kevin doesn’t race Ironman triathlons (which he often gets asked), he shares the different types of  triathlons
  • - Kevin’s decision to move to San Diego to train in a triathlon paradise and why he moved back to Lexington 
  • - What does a typical day look like as a professional athlete? 
  • - How do you manage relationships, when training volume picks up? 
  • - What are the pressures like to “get a real job”, when you have a degree in chemical engineering? 
  • - Using those analytical skills as a triathlon coach, to help optimize his athletes programming 
  • - The efforts that USA Triathlon is making to help make triathlon an NCAA athlete (Arizona State & East Tennessee State) 
  • - What are the strengths of living in Lexington, when you are trying to train for triathlon? 
  • - What is the piece of equipment you couldn’t do without? Cycling power meter 
  • - In last six months, where was the best place you were training? Claremont, Florida 
  • - When you think of someone who models active living, who do you think of:  Susan Bradley-Cox, Ron Shashy  
  • - Are there professionals or other people in the sport that you follow? Trevor and Heather Wurtele 
  • - If you could have one wish to improve our environment for being athletic, what would it be:  decrease county road speed limits to 45 mph, change “Share the Road” signs to read “Bikes may use full lane" 
  • - What is one thing someone could do today, to get started in triathlon? Go watch a race and understand what you are signing up for.  Understand the demands of the swimming leg of triathlon and make an effort to improve. And, you don’t need to buy an expensive bike to get started with the sport.


Bluegrass Triathlon Club
Susan Bradley-Cox Tri for Sight

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