Lessons Learned from our guests on being active

Season 1, Episode 6

Lessons Learned | 4 Lessons we've learned from our guests.

I take a step back from our regular format, to review some common themes that have risen out of the previous interviews. As I have talked to our guests about their history of being active, along with why they continue to be active, I noticed the appearance of some common responses. In this episode, I review four of those commonalities, using examples shared from our guests and how you can observe them in your own life, as you continue to be active.

The Four Lessons Learned from:  Susan Bradley-Cox, Josh Nadzam, Heather Warman, Laura Coombs, Randy Thomas and Pam Thomas include: 

1. Be Adventurous
2. Be willing to change
3. Be willing to play
4. Be connected


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