Pam and Randy Thomas share their passion for cycling in the Bluegrass

Season 1, Episode 5

Cycling | Pam and Randy Thomas

When I think of the strengths we have in Central Kentucky, as it relates to getting outdoors, I think about the many miles of amazing scenic views we have throughout horse country. One of the best ways to experience these views is from the seat of a bicycle.  Pam and Randy Thomas are two individuals that not only enjoy the sport of cycling, but work hard as advocates to improve cycling throughout Central Kentucky. 

In this episode, we discuss how Pam and Randy transitioned from being runners to cyclists. We also spend time discussing their work with the Bluegrass Cycling Club, the Horsey Hundred, Bluegrass Bike Partners, along with many other ways they are involved in creating an environment that supports new and experienced cyclists.


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Bluegrass Cycling Club
Horsey Hundred
Bluegrass Bike Partners
Pedaling for a Purpose
Kentucky Department of Transportation, Bike / Walk
Kentucky Bicycle and Bikeway Commission

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