Susan Bradley-Cox shares stories of triathlon's early days

Season 1, Episode 1: 

Triathlete: Susan Bradley-Cox

I have been wanting to share this interview with everyone since the moment we recorded it. Susan has been an inspiration, support system, coach and role model for many triathletes in Lexington for the past three decades. Attending 23 straight Age-Group World Championships is an accomplishment that is hard to believe, yet she did just that. As a lifetime Kentuckian (well.. other than a brief stop in Florida, which we discuss), she also has many stories of our community and how triathlon has developed over the years here in Lexington. 


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Show Notes:  (Times are approximate)

1:25 - growing up in a time when females were not encouraged to be active, why Susan learned to swim. How she continued to be be active and find activity through those years. 

4:30 - why Susan started out at Floridian Southern University and what happened when she told her father she was going to be in the circus that summer. 

7:00 - what drove Susan to become a guidance counselor opposed to pursuing a physical therapy occupation. 

8:45 - discussion about the love of the water, along with her introduction to Masters Swimming

9:45 - Susan getting introduced triathlon, completing her first triathlon at 42 years old (in 1982)

11:45 - qualifying for Ironman Hawaii, which was the only Ironman at the time (1986)

13:15 - How Susan was able to go to Hawaii, with support from the Lexington Community. 

15:40 - Qualifying for Team USA in 1989. How a call from Tim Yount opened the door for a sponsorship and ultimately her attendance to the first World Championships in France.  Two other Lexington residents, Don Livingston and Jeff Smith also attended. They got to witness Mark Allen win that first Championship. 

19:00 - How the Lexington community encouraged Susan to compete and train. 

20:00 - Starting triathlon at 42 years old. How that was especially encouraging for female triathletes. 

21:45 - Being at the World Championships for 23 straight years. What it was like traveling the world as a part of Team USA. 

24:45 - Getting started with Team in Training, as a triathlon coach. 

30:00 - Training for Ironman Hawaii and how she needed to figure out training, with only 3 months to train. How it is different today, with all the services available. 

32:30 - Training for the swim in triathlon, when someone is a non-swimmer

33:30 - What is unique about our region / community, that makes it special to be a triathlete. 

36:45 - Being from “Kentucky” not just another city

38:00 - Starting new adventures, such as hiking and kayaking

42:00 - Where to go if you are starting and need to learn to swim in Lexington. 

45:00 - Finding places to open water swim around Lexington.

48:00 - Additional resources that triathletes have available to them

52:00 - How some great athletes go unnoticed at times, include Mark Nenow

53:30 - How does someone have the longevity in sport that Susan has maintained? 

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